Top 10 Reasons To Retire In Stuart, FL

10. Desirable Location

Stuart, FL is easily one of the best towns to retire in the United States, as proven by the prestigious titles it has received throughout the years, including “America’s Happiest Seaside Town” and “Must Visit Small Town”. Its proximity to Indian River Lagoon and St. Lucie River, as well as to Seabranch Preserve State Park and Atlantic Ridge Preserve State Park, makes it a top destination for outdoor activities. Additionally, the quaint town offers most of the things you need within walking distance.

9. The Beach

It’s great that Stuart is surrounded by the waters of St. Lucie River, but what if you just want to spend your afternoon basking in the sun at the beach? The highly-rated Stuart Beach is just a 12-minute drive if you fancy a change in scenery. The amenities (bathrooms and shower, snack bar, covered playground), free parking and quiet and uncrowded beach all contribute to its high ratings.

8. Orlando

You would probably want to avoid long drives as a retiree, but driving 2 hours to Orlando from Stuart is definitely worth it for many reasons. It’s a bustling major city with tons of parks and theme parks and an insane amount of things to do. You could meet up with friends and family here and spend a few days checking out attractions together, or simply visit to attend an event you’re interested in and drive back home after dinner.

7. Fishing

It’s hard to imagine a life of retirement without fishing. Luckily, Stuart is among the best towns to retire in if fishing is going to be your go-to retirement activity. In fact, it’s nicknamed “Sailfish Capital of the World” due to the abundance of sailfish in the area. There are plenty of fishing hot spots, fishing charters and fishing stores to choose from. Apart from inshore and offshore fishing, you could do some fishing off the piers, the bridges or even at the beach.

6. Plenty of Peace and Quiet

One of the many things that attract would-be retirees to Stuart is the fact that many of the residents are actually retirees themselves. It’s a calm and quiet community of elderly residents. No rowdy teenagers or loud parties to disturb your relaxing retirement life. But that’s not to say that there’s nothing for your visiting grandchildren to do. There are a lot of outdoor activities in Stuart to keep them busy after all.

5. Activities For the Entire Family

As mentioned earlier, Stuart is a prime destination for outdoor activities, especially water sports since there’s water pretty much everywhere. Choose between kayaking, boating, sailing, cruising, snorkeling and diving. There are also lots of shops, art galleries and museums to explore in Stuart. Open seasonally is the Sailfish Splash Waterpark, which has numerous attractions and features to offer, including a 1000-ft lazy river, competitive lap pool, two four-story tall water slides and an interactive splash playground.

4. Great Social Life

Sure, peace and quiet is nice, but a little bit of socializing is necessary to achieve the ideal retirement experience. Stuart offers plenty of opportunities for socializing, which makes it truly one of the best places to retire in. The people are friendly and everyone seems to know one another. Plus there are various social events and programs that the city coordinates throughout the year. Experience the local culture at the Stuart Green Market every Sunday or at the city’s oldest and largest flea market every Saturday and Sunday. Or watch a free live concert by the The Rockin’ Riverwalk Music Series almost weekly from October through May.

3. Parks and Recreation and More

The number of parks in Stuart is pretty impressive considering its small size. There are at least nine parks, each one offering a different feel and scenery. There’s Flagler Park for hanging out and walking along the water, Shepard Park for fishing and picnicking, Kiwanis Youth Park which has lots of fun stuff for the kids, and Sailfish Ballpark which also serves as an outdoor athletic facility. Stuart is the ideal place to retire if you like your public spaces.

2. Diverse Food Scene

Stuart boasts locally-owned restaurants that specialize in a wide variety of cuisines. Whether you’re into Southern food and award-winning barbecue, good ol’ seafood, or Asian favorites like Thai food and Vietnamese pho, you’ll surely find something you like among Stuart’s upscale and affordable restaurant options. One that’s worth mentioning is The District Table & Bar, which has been named as one of the “10 Best Restaurants in Florida’s Small Towns”.

1. Summer Weather

Stuart enjoys beautiful weather for most of the year. It’s one of the best towns to retire in if winter is the bane of your existence, as with many retirees. High temperatures in the summer go from the upper 80s to the low 90s. Winters are dry and cooler, with average daytime highs of 73 °F to 77 °F. It does get a bit colder on a few days in winter, with average highs in the 50s. As for precipitation, Stuart gets about 60 inches of rain per year.

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