10 Reasons To Retire On St. Croix, Virgin Islands

Every Day is a Vacation

In a place like St. Croix where one of the major sources of revenue is tourism, your retirement will feel like a vacation every single day, which is the point of retirement, to begin with. Be mesmerized by stunning views of nature and architecture (which can be therapeutic, by the way) and reap the benefits of living on an island. No more rushing all the time and no more dressing up when you don’t feel like it. The relaxing vibe of St. Croix will suck decades of stress out of your body.

Tropical Climate

Living your beach retirement years on St. Croix is like saying goodbye to winter…forever! Thanks to its proximity to the equator, the island enjoys a warm climate just like your favorite tropical destinations. It rarely gets below 69°F on the island, with temperatures hovering between 72°F and 88°F throughout the year. The average rainfall is 40 inches a year, with November being the rainiest month.

Culturally Diverse

Several groups of colonizers fought to take control of St. Croix from the late 1400s to 1918, the year when Denmark finally sold the island to the United States. As a result, cultural and architectural influences by Great Britain, France, Spain, Denmark, the Netherlands, and the Knights of Malta are seen all over the place. You’ll get to experience colorful elements of different cultures without having to leave the island. This includes delicious food in a wide variety of cuisines. Sample some of the best the island has to offer at 40 Strand Eatery, The Mill and Duggan’s Reef.

Topnotch Fishing Experience

Want to take fishing to the next level? Then look no farther than this beautiful tropical island. About 21 fishing world records have been set in the Virgin Islands, which is proof that an incredible fishing experience awaits you here. Score gamefish like tuna, blue marlin and sailfish when you’re offshore fishing. You’ll also have the chance to catch barracuda, bonito, king fish and more when you’re inshore fishing.

Land and Water Sports and Activities

As a leading beach retirement spot, St. Croix offers a wide variety of sports and activities to keep you moving—a must if you want to stay fit in retirement. Here’s an incomplete list of sports and physical activities you can do here: golf, tennis, snorkeling, scuba diving, biking, hiking, kayaking, yoga, paddleboarding, learning how to Salsa, horseback riding, parasailing, windsurfing, kiteboarding and water skiing. It really isn’t hard to get fit on St. Croix.

Energetic Nightlife

The nightlife on the island is almost as vibrant as the nightlife in major cities. With so many evening activities and parties at night, you’ll party like a 20-something on St. Croix. Live music and DJs? Check. Karaoke? Check. A full night of dancing and drinking? Check. Crab racing? Check again. And if you want something riskier than crab racing, bet on your favorite horse—or hit the casinos, whatever you’re in the mood for.

Social Life and Events

Over 53,000 people live here, so you’re sure to find new, like-minded friends in no time. Find a community club or organization to share your hobbies and interests with or do volunteer work to help those in need. If you’re not ready for that kind of commitment, why not participate in an event or festival instead? There’s one (sometimes more) practically every week. It’s a good opportunity for locals and tourists alike to socialize while enjoying good food and live music.

Attractions and Things To Do

With world-class attractions spread out across the island, your family’s going to want to visit you every chance they get. You probably wouldn’t even need to convince them. Watching a movie or a live performance, touring historical sites and neighborhoods, discovering interesting plants at Saint George Village Botanical Gardens, exploring the parks and reserves on the island, and meeting marine animals at Coral World are just some of the things to do on St. Croix.

Parks and Recreation

It’s fun to party and socialize, but if you just want to take a breath of fresh air or have some quality time alone or with your loved ones, St. Croix has plenty of public spaces and parks where you can relax, play or explore. The more popular spots include D. Hamilton Jackson Park, Salt River Bay National Park, Sandy Point National Wildlife Refuge and Point Uddal.

Breathtaking, Palm-lined Beaches

If you’re gonna retire at the beach, you might as well pick a location that offers a good deal of options. Here on St. Croix, you get lots of beach options—23, in fact—and all of them are a sight to behold. Each beach has its own character and set of features as well, so you’ll never get sick of your beach retirement life on this lovely island. Have a drink at a beach bar, sunbathe next to palm trees, take a dip in warm, inviting waters, or get your heart pumping by doing something fun in or on the turquoise waters.

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